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Christmas Centrepiece - Quick & Easy

Part of the delight and fun of Christmastime is all the wonderful decor we find outside and inside of our homes. How many of us look forward to driving around our neighbourhoods during the season to take in all the lights adorning homes, offices and storefronts? It's safe to say that doing so has become a family tradition. Many areas have open house Christmas tours as charity fundraisers and if you've ever been to one you will know that "elaborate" is not an understatement when describing some of these professionally decorated homes.

Just as we decorate our homes and our trees, we continue the Christmas decor to the dining table. The good dishes and wine glasses are set out on the Christmas tablecloth, accompanied by the good silverware, holiday napkins and napkin rings. The centre of the table will usually have special holiday candles, a floral centrepiece or perhaps something you have crafted yourself.

Last year, due to pandemic restrictions we were alone for the holidays. This year, with everyone vaccinated we are once again planning a family gathering and my DIY Christmas centrepiece will be sitting in the middle of the dining room table while we all enjoy turkey dinner with all the trimmings, together once again.

Christmas Centrepiece DIY Quick and Easy
DIY Christmas Centrepiece

There are so many option to decorating this centrepiece so you can get creative and do whatever suits your taste. To make this particular one you will need the following:

  • 18" piece of wood (2" wide by 1 1'4" thick)

  • piece of Christmas print fabric cut 19 1/2" long x 7 1/2" wide

  • piece of interfacing cut 19" long x 7" wide (I used self-adhesive interfacing)

  • two decorative candles

  • fresh cut spruce and cedar boughs

  • plastic tree (Dollarama)

  • decorative reindeer (Dollarama)

  • hot glue gun and glue sticks

Supplies for DIY Christmas Centrepiece
Fabric, Interfacing and Wood for Christmas Centrepiece

Fresh Cedar Boughs for DIY Christmas Centrepiece
Fresh Cedar Boughs
  • Lay the interfacing shiny side down on the reverse side of the Christmas fabric. Iron interfacing onto fabric.

Interfacing Shiny Side Down on Reverse Side of Fabric
  • Lay out fabric face side down onto a table, place wood in centre of fabric and draw outline all around.

Glue one side of the wood and turning over, place in outline

Outline of Wood Drawn Onto Interfacing

Hot Glue Applied to One Side of Wood
  • Apply glue to back side of wood and tightly pull one end of fabric over glued wood. Repeat process for other side of fabric.

  • Apply glue to each end of wood, one end at a time and fold fabric into ends to attach to glue.

End Section of Fabric Glued to Wood

Fabric Covered Wood is Ready to Decorate
  • Cut and arrange the fresh cut cedar and spruce boughs. Hot glue arranged boughs to the fabric.

  • Arrange your candles, reindeer and tree wherever you want to place them on the fabric covered wood then hot glue them to stay in place.

  • That's it, your centrepiece is ready for the holidays!